4 Reasons to Choose Cremation

The percentage of people choosing cremation over a traditional, casket buried in the ground funeral has increased to 40 percent in the United States. There are several reasons why people involved in funeral planning are opting for cremation. Here are 4 reasons to choose cremation.

More Options for Memorial Services

With traditional burial, there is an urgency to have the funeral as soon as possible. It can take time to plan a funeral and allow time for out-of-town guests to arrive. With cremation, the family can wait an indefinite amount of time to have a memorial service or to scatter the ashes.

Lower Cost

Since the cost of cremation is roughly one third of the cost of a traditional burial, this is the main reason many choose cremation. The average cost of a funeral is over $6000 while a cremation costs under $2000 with direct cremation costing under $1000.

Better for the Environment

Cremation is better for the environment for two reasons. The first is the embalming fluid, which contains formaldehyde, leaks into the ground. The second is the amount of land needed for burial. Even if you decide to bury the ashes, that would require much less land.

Religious Considerations

Burial rites have close ties to religious beliefs and more people are claiming to have no religious affiliation today. Also, some faiths have modified the rules concerning cremation, allowing that option.