Features of the Best Golf Courses in the US


There’s nothing more wonderful than enjoying a game of golf amidst a gorgeous natural setting. And while there are hundreds of golf courses around the country, they aren’t all created equal.

Some of the best golf courses in the country offer more features than simply a round of 18. Others offer a host of other features including:

Dining Options

Once you’re done your golf game, you might want to refuel your body with a meal right on site without having to go home and make your own. Many of the most prestigious courses offer dining facilities for casual meals and even more formal occasions.



Meeting Rooms

One of the best venues to host a meeting is at a golf course. The private meeting rooms can be set up with all sorts of multi-media equipment to put on a productive meeting, after which the participants can increase their camaraderie amongst each other with a round of championship golf.

Production Venues

Certain golf course feature halls where hundreds of guests can be accommodated. These rooms also come fully equipped with everything needed to put on a production, including a stage, lighting, and sound system.

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