Want to Keep Your Child Fit?


Most people want their kids to be healthy and fit. Being healthy as a child means you are more likely to stay fit into the adult years. Here’s how to give your children a head start:

  1. You don’t need the gym for most kids. Children under 10 don’t generally need to specifically exercise. You just need to be sure that there are lots of activities for them to do that keep them moving. As you learn ways to keep your child fit, they’ll start to do it on their own.
  2. Try many new activities. Ask them to jot down 20 things they have never done before. They all should be active things. Maybe they’ll write that they never ran on a track, or never tried to keep a balloon above the ground for 20 minutes by punching it. Put all the activities in a box and pick one every day.
  3. Get more fit as a whole family. Choose activities that everyone can do. Maybe set up a basketball hoop and play together?
  4. Gift fitness-related gifts. For her birthday, giver your daughter a hula hoop or maybe a jump rope. Anything that will encourage her to move is what you want.
  5. No malls. Instead of shopping, walking and eating, try to take them to the park instead.